How Gamification Satisfies business needs for Human Resource Managers

Gamification is the new HR strategy and on a more suitable note the future of e-learning. Gamification is 75% psychology and 25% technology, hence it is a necessity to look over a wide range of options for fulfilling the business needs, this is taken care of by the human resource managers.

Supervising selection through Gamification

The most critical job of a Human Resource Manager is recruitment of the apt candidates to help the business needs of the company. To level up this process, these Human Resource managers are now taking assistance from gamification. These games are capable of bringing to front the hidden potential of the candidate and hence provide an insight which goes beyond the CVs. The companies can utilize gamification as a method of improving the selection process by providing the candidates a chance to perform in a relaxed and confident manner through this.

Inducing productivity through motivation by Gamification

Gamification can surely increase the motivation and hence productivity in a routine environment thus enabling Human Resource managers with a lot of help in settling the business needs of a company. Motivation is undoubtedly directly proportional to productivity at the workplace. Gamification uses goals, achievements, reward systems and other dynamics to boost employee motivation and inducing a sense of employee satisfaction.

Transmission of corporate image through Gamification

Gamification through its progress provides an extensive growth possibility for meeting the advanced business needs. Also, to lessen the burden of Human Resource managers, it also covers the transmitting the corporate image of the company to employees. Here, these gamified programs act as a potential tool to attract prospective candidates who aspire to work with the organisation and also establish the role of the staff. Through this process of gamification, it is easier for the human resource managers to explain and communicate the current status and characteristics of the economic sector pertaining to the organisation.

Social Interaction supported by Gamification

Human Resource managers have now found a very effective way to handle an important task as far as the business needs of a developing company are concerned i.e. to break the ice among newly recruited employees. On the first gathering for classroom training, most employees meet their colleagues for the first time. Gamification can help a lot in providing impetus to the beginning of the session by providing an opportunity for social interaction, open speech and sharing.

Keeping a track of returns in investing on Gamification

To keep a check on the company’s progress, an important factor is to measure the returns on investments (ROI) made by the human resource managers upon the process of gamification. ROI represents an excess of returns over the cost (investment) incurred for a particular program. For gamification to work, a program should return more returns over costs. Investments made on sectors such as personnel, technology, content, and hidden costs support accuracy for the calculation whereas taking into account facilities such as flexibility and reduction of travel costs help in figuring out the exact amounts and hence deciding upon the factor if investment is a feasible option. Find out more about our Offerings for Corporates.

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