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We design applied learning games that fosters skill building
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Sratup team

StratUp is a product of Processbee Technologies. At Processbee, we build applied learning games that simulate virtual business environments. Our Games transport players to a virtual world of reality and help them experiment with business decisions, discover options, and help them construct a mental model of reality.

Game design

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our games is a research pedagogical approach that combines evidence-centred design and game mechanics. We believe that traditional learning methods need to be strengthened by applied learning games. Games provide opportunities for learners to apply concepts they have learnt in a risk-free environment.


Our Team

Founded by a teacher, researcher, and technologist. The team comprises passionate game designers who have immense experience in building enterprise solutions for large MNC’s. We combine our knowledge in understanding enterprise processes, student psychology, and cutting edge research on epistemic games to build our products.

Sandeep Rambhatla

Sandeep Rambhatla founder,ceo

Sandeep is a dreamer and a passionate teacher. He is a pioneer in epistemic game design and loves to abstract and conceptualize games on complex topics to measure high order thinking skills. A researcher, teacher, and artist, he dons multiple hats from product design to delivery at Processbee.

His research on epistemic games have been published in International conferences organized by the Technology for Education chapters of IEEE.

He enjoys teaching and has worked with rural kids, children with different abilities, and students from various management disciplines. His experiment with low-cost games and board games caught students’ imagination and gave him the impetus to found Processbee.

Vishwanath Parmeswaran

Viswanath Parameswaran Co Promoter

Vish is an ardent lover of art and a perfectionist for design and user experience. At Processbee, Vish heads the design and ensures that our games have a perfect blend of game elements and fun without compromising the learning experience.

He is a serial entrepreneur working on digital transformation and EdTech products for more than a century now.

Dr Deepak Gupta

Dr Deepak Gupta

Dr. Deepak, currently teaches at Amrita School of Business and heads the Marketing department and the PhD program.
He received his master’s degrees in Economics, Marketing Science, and an interdisciplinary Ph. D. in Economics, Sociology and Education from UC Berkeley.

Dr Deepak advises the team on product research and analytics.

Our Products

Other Products

Our microsimulations provide a risk-free environment for your teams to explore, experiment and learn. Our games are crafted to meet your learning needs, and they engage your teams to meet the challenges of the real world. 

Our other game titles include a multiplayer negotiation game, onboarding platform, behavioural simulations, and contextual learning quizzing platform.


If you are looking at Immersive, Impactful and Engaged learning, WE are with you.

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