Where is the Gap?

In-order to capitalise on its rich demographic dividend, any developing nation needs to address the gap between the skill that is required in the corporate world to the knowledge that is acquired by students from educational Institutions.


There is no dearth of the number of students graduating every year and at the same time nor is there a shortage of jobs in the market. It doesn’t look like it is a demand and supply problem.

There has been numerous call for an industry oriented education system, where the students are exposed to practical curriculum which would serve the interest of both the parties. Even though, considerable changes have been made in the curriculum ever since, there seems to be a need for faster change and adaptation.

Right Person for the Right Role

Corporates on the other hand, having recruited people from the market have the problem of identifying the right person for the right job. Identifying the right person is both an art and science. Interviewers are constantly looking for evidences from their candidates and try to match them with the requirements of the job at hand.

Given the paucity of time and a limitation of cognitive ability, it becomes difficult to gather all possible evidence to judge if a candidate is the right fit for the job at hand.

Not able to identify the right person for the right role leaves both the employee and employer unhappy. The employee feels that his skills and knowledge have not been appropriately used and the employer on the other hand is dealing with low productivity and efficiency issues.

To complicate things further, jobs that are relevant today are not going to be relevant tomorrow. Data Analytics and Automation are changing the way companies operate and a 21st century employee needs to don multiple hats simultaneously with great dexterity. He needs to be a strategic thinker, a great planner, and a decision-maker with a willingness to collaborate and take risks in an uncertain environment.

Traditional Methods of Training

Traditional methods of skilling and training are proving to be non-relevant. With lesser time and expanded space and scope of work, new-age employees and millennials need to get tasks done with greater agility, ability, and quality while collaborating with worldwide stakeholders.

The millennials need training that they can relate to. They’re born gamers. Nothing better than using games to hone new-age skills and knowledge.

At Process Bee, we design and develop learning games that simulate business environments with a focus to measure and impart 21st century skills.

Why should only gamers have all the fun? ProcessBee games have best of both worlds, engaging game play and business simulation. Our games have well-crafted game mechanics and dynamics to engage the players and to foster a conducive learning environment.

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