Game Based Learning vs Gamification

To be sharp and precise, gamification is turning the learning process as a whole into a game, while Games-Based Learning (GBL) is using a game as part of the learning process.

What is Gamification

As per the definition, gamification is the implementation of game-design mechanics and elements in the activities that are not naturally game-based. This is done for creating an engaging and motivational environment for the participants to work actively. This gamification experience itself, is transformed into an educative game by using the scoreboards, badges, levels and point systems. Game components are included and modified as per the learning objectives and goals of the workers.

What is Game Based Learning

On the contrary, while gamification uses these game-design elements to change learning experience into a game, the game-based learning integrates online games into the process to teach, develop or shape a particular skill designing an objective. Games are necessarily exploited as learning methodologies to present the learners an opportunity to refine their skillset or knowledge in engaging manner.

Basic Difference between GBL and Gamification

A basic difference between game-based learning and gamification is that in game-based learning strategy, content is developed to be fitted into game confines whereas in gamification it takes elements and ideas from games and applies them to something that isn’t a game.

Why Game Based Learning has an Edge

Unlike gamification, game-based learning involves a real time gaming platform which gives the learners a hands on experience to improve skills. They will either know something or be able to do something as a result of playing the game even if they don’t identify the learning objectives in the beginning.

Why Gamification has an Edge

The main use of gamification is to build up engagement in the learners. Gamification mechanics focuses on human essentials to collect, compete and succeed. They help the employees with simple training content. Gamification also encourages learners to complete more courses and reach higher levels to beat their high scores, rise up on the leaderboard, or earn more points.

The Deciding Factor

The choice between game-based learning and gamification needs to be influenced by the requirements of your company. Executing any of the strategies without careful consideration can leave it rendered useless. Employees might feel lack of motivation, and even result in overall loss through the technique. Anyway, the choice of a suitable strategy in accordance with the needs of the company and the employees results in happier, engaged and productive learners.Check out our Games to learn in a fun way

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