Realtime role playing business simulation game

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Watch your teams level up their skills by playing StratUp business simulation game, designed to coach core business concepts.


A glimpse into the world of business decisions.
  • Target Audience - 11th -12th

    Standard Students
  • Complexity - Low
  • Duration: 4-6 hrs
  • Roles: Marketing, Operations

    Finance, HR


Managerial Decisions and Strategy
  • Target Audience - First Time Managers & Undergraduate 
  • Complexity - Medium
  • Duration: 8-12 hrs
  • Roles: Marketing, Operations,

    Finance & HR


Design a strategic blueprint and managing complex business priorities
  • Target Audience - Senior Managers & Post Graduate Students
  • Complexity - High
  • Duration: 12- 20 hrs
  • Roles: Marketing, Operations,

    Finance, HR, IT & International


Micro Simulation

Understand functional roles and responsibilities
  • Target Audience - Undergraduate 

    Students & First Time Managers
  • Complexity - Medium
  • Duration: 8-12 hrs
  • Roles: Marketing, Operations,

    Finance & HR

Real Time Business Simulation Game

StratUp simulates the nuances of a business enterprise while your teams strategize, negotiate, resolve conflicts & make decisions in a risk-free environment.

entrepreneurial game

Entrepreneurial Mode

Individuals play the role of a CEO and virtually manage the business towards profitability.

multiplayer game

Multiplayer Mode

Individuals assume specific roles and collaborate with a cross-functional team to function as a coherent unit.

Engage Your Teams Through


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StratUp Advantage

One game and many advantages

Increases Employability

Increases skills and proficiency of students enabling them to ace interviews.

AOL Reports

The game generates Assurance of Learning reports, which universities have used for their accreditation process.

Individual & Team Evaluation

The Non-Intrusive game engine captures a player's decisions and evaluates their performance.

The Pedagogy Advantage

The game aligns with the Social Constructivist Learning Paradigm and enables social learning.

Immersive Learning

Simulates authentic business environments in a risk-free free world.

Measure Skills

Measures skills and proficiency of employees in a non-intrusive manner.

Collaborative Learning

Individuals learn from their peers and collaborate to construct social reality.

Clear ROI

Ability to track and measure the learning impact of employees real-time.

A Multi Dimensional Simulation

New age simulation which capture the nuances of the 21st century organisation

  • Space: Teams operate in a market (64 squares) and understand the importance of market dynamics.
  • Time: All decisions taken by players have a bearing on time.
  • Budgets: Player’s prioritize their decisions based on budgetary constraints.
  • Planning: Every gaming year, the teams huddle up to draw a strategic blueprint.
  • Dynamic Decisions: Collaborate with peers to make decisions to meet the organizational objective.
  • Competition: Track competitor’s moves and alter strategy.
  • Analysis: Take stock of current positions and alter actions.

Facilitator Dashboards - Performance Reports


Performance reports of teams and individuals are updated in real-time, and the facilitator gets a clear view of the decisions taken.

Facilitator dashboards provide a detailed account of every decision taken by an individual, thereby enabling the facilitator to provide feedback and analyze an individual and team’s performance.

Evidence Centred Analytics

SKIVE analytcs

We are all looking for evidences in our daily life to corroborate our assumptions and decisions.

StratUp is designed using an evidence-centered design philosophy, where skills and proficiencies and broken down into tasks in the game.
The non-intrusive analytics engine captures players’ decisions non intrusively to construct an epistemic profile comprising the skills, knowledge, identity, value, and ethics of the players.

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