Facilitator Dashboards

Actionable Insights

Skill Assessment Dashboards provide details of every decision taken by the player and their teams.


Assessment Dashboards

StratUp skill assessment engine captures every decision taken by the player and their teams to provide insightful recommendations.


As the facilitator, you have a clear of the performance of
various teams attending your class. The leaderboard
gives you consolidated view of he current position of
various teams.

Comparative Analytics

Facilitators can compare the performance of various teams as
against the market leader on various operational metrics.
These reports provide you enough insight on the health
of a company and what could have transpired.

Analytics Marketing

Peek inside the black box

The general view is that most simulations are a black
box and one does not know what transpires behind the
We are different and we provide a complete overview of
how values are computed, so that the facilitators can
provide relevant feedback for teams to learn.

Player Decision Analysis

Facilitators have access to every decision taken by
teams and have the facility to drill down to the last
decision taken to provide in-depth feedback.


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