Why we should all play games

We all remember the very first day of our School or if at all we don’t remember? Our parents recall that day and mock us every now and then, to tell us how proud we came home with new understandings we learnt that day. Little did we realise that we were actually stepping into a new world of learning, fun and experience. How talented were we as a child? Do we even still remember how we learned the basics of language (first conversations with parents, siblings, friends) or the basics of physics (e.g. climbing a tree, throwing a ball)?
Things we take for granted today, we actually learned a long time back. Why do many of us have such a hard time learning now, when it seemed so easy back in the day? I believe one of the major reasons that learning happened is because we were not just learning it, but we were embracing the learning through playing. We were curious about everything and found something interesting every day.

The long way through the school-system

As we progressed through the grades, little did we realise that we were getting into a sea of theories, meanwhile practical classes were restricted to just three hours a week. Even at university, we bury ourselves in books, learn concepts and write them down in an exam. Yes, we do need to know about those concepts, but we also need to know a practical application of them, to solve problems and think outside the box for new ideas and ways to tackle challenges of the 21st century.
Luckily in recent times we can see that changes are evident. We are starting to realise that we need different approaches to learning and teaching than mere books and theories. Now we are in a phase of learning where the education scenario is open for new technologies to make students more involved in the process of learning. How can technology help make learning more effective, engaging and fun? Can it bring theories to life and help us
remember more?

Leverage technology to learn

Technology has the power to change the way we learn and the opportunity of learning happening through practical application is leading to one of the best and enjoyable ways of gaining knowledge. Learners need to be prepared for their jobs and need to be able to apply concepts they have learnt in theory. That is where Game Based Learning Simulation Games come into play which help solve real-life business challenges.

Game based learning

Game Based Learning will support us develop that skill. It throws us into a risk-free environment where we become decision-makers and see the impact for corrective action. We will fail in the game and learn to adapt our strategies based on where we went wrong. We develop and gain a hands-on experience of a working environment and learn about various strategies and issues that we have to necessary face in the business world. In a game, we will foster our skills to become smart thinkers and good decision makers.
Books may be our best friends but to survive in the real world, that too in an extremely competitive environment, it is not enough just to know but we need to learn how to act. We need to master difficult situations and find solutions to problems on a daily basis which is extremely challenging as well as rewarding.

Let’s play

Dear learners, our childhood is still hidden inside us and eager to explore, driven to play and stimulated to learn and now when we have an opportunity to embrace the learning through playing, let’s just start playing again and learn in a fun and engaging way.

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